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Somersett Statistics - Somersett Stats

We have a new feature, you can click here to get all Somersett homes that have sold in the last 6 months.

Single family homes up 2% - Del Webb up 5% - The Village and The Vue up 18%  -  read below for more detail on each.

Welcome to our new Somersett Stats page.  We will update this page at the beginning of each month so you will have a very good idea of what property values in Somersett are doing. Somersett is one of the most active areas of town as far as homes selling and demand right now. If you are a seller and are looking for more specific stats on a particular neighborhood in Somersett, shoot me an email or call.  If you are a buyer ready to write an offer and looking for the same information just fill out the form below and let us know the address.

For the purposes of this page we will break it into 3 different categories - single family homes, The Vue/Village and Del Webb.  Lot values are more slow moving so they will not be included here. We will give you a current snapshot of what each of these is currently selling at compared to the 12 months prior. There is a form at the bottom of this page you can fill out if you want stats specific to your home in Somersett. Sellers - we are seeing some homes on the market that are vastly overpriced and not selling, keep in mind if you want to sell your home at top dollar in the shortest amount of time, you need to price it where it needs to be. It is a proven fact that if you start your price too high and have to reduce over time, you will net less in the long run.

 Click here for the current value of your Somersett Home 

Forget a "Zestimate", This is a "Davestimate", much more accurate, remember Zillow has never seen your home, I probably have! You will have the value of your home within 24 hours. Remember to tell me about any special features you have and the condition of your home. With over 250 sales in Somersett, I have been the top selling Somersett agent since 2005.


Single Family Homes In Somersett

So far since January 1 of this year there have been 90 homes that sold (today is December 12). Keep in mind this does not include Del Webb or the Village and the Vue. The avg. dollar per foot in 2015 that homes sold for was $192.00 and in 2016 it is still $192.00 per foot. The market right now in Somersett is flat, the buyers for this season are pretty much gone. Probably alot of that attributed to the Election and uncertain interest rates. We have seen this before and typically when this happens, price will spike in the first quarter of 2017. If you want your house sold now you must be price agressively or just wait until spring. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a estimate of value on your home.

Click here for Somersett homes that sold in 2014

Click here for Somersett homes that sold in 2015

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 Del Webb - Sierra Canyon in Somersett

So far since January of this year, there have been 79 Del Webb homes that have sold in 2016 and been reported through our MLS system. In 2015 the avg dollar per foot that homes were selling for was $208.00 per foot. It all comes down to location on these and whether or not they have a view. So far this year the average price per foot for a Del Webb home has been $219.00 per foot or an increase of 6%. The good lots are definitely getting a premium. Also, we were definitely getting some push back from buyers on the location of the current phase of new homes being sold in Del Webb. They said it felt like they were getting too close to the freeway.

Click here for the Del Webb homes that sold in 2014

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The Village - The Vue in Somersett

In the Village and the Vue, this year there were 37 homes that have sold since January of this year. The average selling price was $126.00 per foot in 2015 and 145.00 per foot in 2016 for an increase of 14% . That is great news for this product, it typically lags Del Webb and regular single family homes in Somersett. There is definitely more demand in the Village than the Vue (better location) and the Village would have sold for more than the Vue. There is still a demand for this type of product, but because of the higher HOA fees the yearly increase will always be less than a singe family home in Somersett.

Click here for the Village and Vue homes that sold in 2014

Click here for the Village and Vue homes that sold in 2015

Click here for the Village and Vue homes that sold in 2016



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