Taking Pictures of your Reno Home for Sale


Taking quality pictures of your home is essential in the Reno Real Estate market.  It's the first time Buyers and other Realtors see before actually deciding if the want to see your home in person. 

We use state of the art photo processing to get the most out of our pictures.  Below are some examples of regular photos and the photos that we provide to our Sellers.



Regular Photo
You can see that the picture makes the room look
much darker and can't get the entire room in the photo.




Our Photo
In this picture it is so much brighter and we can actually get the entire room into the photo.  You really can see a big difference and it looks alot better to a buyer.
Regular Photo
You can see the shadows darken the patio and can't see the pavers or the details of the yard.  
 Our Photo
So much brighter and you can see the actual color of the pavers and details of the landscaping.