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December 2008

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The Washoe County Assessor is coming out with a report saying values of raw land are down from 30-40% since the height of the market. The shocking fact is that most homeowners will be hit with a 3-5% tax increase this year because of a report that came out stating the replacement values of actual homes and buildings are up. Nevada  property tax caps were put in place in 2004 which states that excess property values were not taxed in prior years and can be pulled from abatement to increase taxes by the full 3% to be able to help schools and local governments. Land values in Northwest Reno, Stead, Spanish Springs and other communities north of the river are down by 30%. Large custom homes in the SW Suburban neighborhood are up by the full measure the county

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The treasury department has presented a plan to loan banks money at 3% so they could in turn loan it to new home buyers at 4.5% and actually make a 1.5% profit. It is currently in the developmental stage and may not take effect until Obama is in office. "This will definitely stimulate sales and get buyers who are on the fence to make a move". What it does not do is address the foreclosure issue, well I guess in a way it does. In this current market, most of the foreclosures in the Reno Real estate market are in the lower price ranges so it would start to chip away at the vast inventory of homes on the market. Right now we have a 13 month inventory of homes on the market, meaning at the current pace it would take that long to sell all the homes on the…
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